Sunday, September 18, 2011


I walk alone, but is it what I chose or is it something I don't have control over? I don't want to walk alone. Who does? It seems so pessimistic
to say I walk alone when there are millions of people all around me. Why don't we use the resources we are given?
I have family, I have an amazing best friend, but can you tell them everything? Do you want to tell them anything?? Why do we keep things to ourselves? So many of us do this; we don't say what we're thinking, what we're feeling, what we really want; and then we wonder why we aren't happy
Why don't we do what we want to do? Why do we lie to those we love and scorn the ones we don't? Why do I miss people? Why do people come into our lives only to leave again?
Why do we long to be loved and wanted? Why don't guys talk to me? Do I try to hard? Do I not try hard enough? 
Why do we crave
wanting to be
Why do I think things I don't want to think about? 
Why am I putting myself down?
Why didn't I say yes?
Why didn't I say no?
Why am I so afraid of getting hurt? Emotionally, physically, spiritually! It doesn't matter! Why are we so afraid of commitment? 
We can't just live life in the shadows, walking down a deserted and desolate boulevard with nothing but dark, depressing thoughts!
Move on! Live your dreams!!
Why a life of broken dreams when it can be a life of fulfillment
and what you want?
Go and TRY to fulfill your dreams
Be yourself and dream your biggest, it never hurts to try and
It only hurts for a minute if you fail
  Why can't I understand?!
Why can't anyone understand? Why does the world spin on when I feel stuck?

Why do I walk alone? I don't WANT to walk alone! 


  1. I agree that we walk alone even when we don't want to. But don't we want to walk alone sometimes? Don't we feel we're the kings/queens of the world?

  2. This is really well written. I love that instead of making it sad, you make it happy.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING, you put so much thought into it and made it your own.
    truth- I don't know why we walk alone
    maybe its because in the end we need to rely on ourselves and not on others all the time. and for some people they don't realize it but they like to be left alone, they keep others away from them. and for my self (my post wasn't about walking alone even with a ton of people around.
    it was a struggle with myself-it was my mind i was speaking about.
    you are correct a lot of us walk alone and we don't need to or want to. we don't want to be alone.

  4. Well thanks for your comments guys! I really love hearing your thoughts and input on what I wrote. It's great hearing your opinions and how you feel about the post.