Monday, September 26, 2011

the journey. the footsteps.

dEaTh....the ultimate disease of life. dEaTh will reach us all one day. scared of death because i'm always loving and caring, not wanting the good times to end. my emotions, constantly feeling and having no control over myself.

i like to find excitement- 1.puppies cream 3.athletics 4.loving. knowing that all these things may result in pain- 1.grow up 2.melts 3.crippled 4.goodbye....

it's like going in for surgery and signing a waiver saying bad things might happen and that you're okay with that, i signed a waiver on life- i knew that all these things would bring delight, but that they may result in abhorrence as well. 

some say time heals all wounds, i say it just helps us bury them deeper. few things heal completely but all things leave their scars on us. what we like to call battle wounds, but if we get hurt, why do we choose to fight? our spirit, your spirit, my spirit. i don't give up and i will never give in. 
 we know dEaTh takes us all in the end, but it's not
the end, 
the finale, 
the conclusion 
that we're fighting against, but the journey in which we're fighting for. 

what we leave behind. memories. how we handle the good times, the rough times. enjoy life as it comes, “life lives, life dies. life laughs, life cries. life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyone's eyes"........ don't get caught up in the moment..... live in the moment.
 We are afraid to live, but scared to die
-Inderpal Bahra
  know what you're doing now is what you're leaving behind.

f                                   s
  o                          p
     o                 e
        t        t


  1. This felt very spiritual. I guess that's what I get for having people write about death. I like the analogy to surgery. You signed a waiver on your life. Interesting. I also liked the reality for all the good things. Puppies grow up, ice cream melts, etc.

  2. I love the part you talk about time is really burying our problems down deeper, battle scars. I love it. This is amazing, probably my favorite one out of anyone so far. Thank you. It really spoke to me. Plus i love the quote you put. You are an excellent writer.

  3. supposed to look like the footsteps thing ^^^^^

  4. This is AMAZING KEEP IT UP :)