Monday, January 2, 2012

Insanely Jealous

In Search Of Cinderella

From dusk to dawn,
From town to town,
Without a single clue,
I seek the tender, slender foot,
To fit the crystal shoe,
From dusk to dawn,
I try it on
Each damsel that I meet.
And I still love her so, but oh,
I've started hating feet.

Sheldon Allan Silverstein

Ugh how I feel this man's pain! You know boys are pretty stupid and they'll say just about anything to get what they want. I'm sweet, kind, fun and I look and look and I try and try and all I'm coming up with is that I have started hating "feet". Yet I keep going....this next poem also describes me perfectly!

Kick It Again

So you heard there was a spark of love that I have for you
You come back to kill it like you always do
You found it weak and tremblin' hangin' on just by a thread
And you kicked it choke it stepped on it and broke it left it half to death
Kick it again it's still breathing
Kick it again I think I seen it move just a little bitty
Kick it again it's still living
So kick it again and then again and then you'll kill my love for you

You're gonna have to do much more this time than a-make it crawl
A cheatin' on it doesn't seem to work at all
And it won't do no good to try to shame it to death
Cause it's raspin' gaspin' crawlin' callin' to you with each dying breath
Kick it again it's still breathing...

Sheldon Allan Silverstein

No matter how many times I seem to get hurt or used by not just men in general but the same man, I keep going back for more! You'd think I'd learn or he'd finally kick me to death. Though of recently one particular guy finally did it....he finally kicked me to death, but the funny thing is that I'm still breathing. I'm still living. What an idea, that I can still live without matter how many bruises I sustained, I am still living! Did I learn though? Well we'll have to see.....

I am very jealous of how Shel Silverstein writes because he has a sense of funny but puts quite serious ideas into his poems. Some of them are completely silly and simply fun while so many of them also have huge double meanings. People love and hate Shel, but I am a huge fan! So much so that I wish I could have his talent, and he would die;) haha Still I wish that I could master seriousness while seeming to write something silly and short.

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