Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I know tonight is not the last time I'll see the light, but it may be the last time I see your deep eyes in it.
I keep forgetting to forget you, or should I remember you so that I can look back and know? I keep forgetting we're out of milk so I still pour my bowl of cereal then I get so furious we have no milk I stuff the cereal back in the box. I keep forgetting to add enough chocolate to my boiling water, and that we have no milk to make it creamier. Do I keep forgetting these simple things because I'm trying to forget that you were the one who taught me to make my hot chocolate creamier with milk? When will we own ourselves completely, like when will I finally own up to the fact that I broke mom's lamp and not my little brother, or that I haven't posted this because I was just being to lazy? Why do we not own up to our actions?! Our actions make us who we are so that one day we can own ourselves and not have to answer to our debts or lies. Why do I keep forgetting we have no milk?! Is it because we have so much cereal I just assume we have milk to go with it? Also that I rarely drink chocolate milk because it reminds me of you....chocolate in general reminds me of you. Who doesn't like chocolate?! Who would prefer vanilla over chocolate? This girl......I can't forget that I would get a vanilla cone and you chocolate and I would steal a few licks here and there just for that little bit of chocolate which goes a long way.....too much of anything might go a long way. Except milk.

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  1. I looove the first line. It was a nice twist on the line that we were given. And I like the bizarre fascination with milk.