Monday, October 10, 2011

Starts With Goodbye

There's a choice you gotta make
              Piercing words, eyes are red
                            Tied together with a smile
                                     Like falling when you're trying to fly
                                             Please believe me, it's never easy
                                                        I think about you all the time
                                                           Didn't you know how much I loved you
                                                                      But here comes goodbye?
                                                                            What hurts the most
                                                                         Empty heart filled with regret
                                                It's like trying to spin the world the other way
                                                                                        You never told me
                                                              You're not sorry that it's over
                                                    But for the way you made it end
                                                 I wish you never made me cry
                                            It's hard to force that smile
                                              Having so much to say
                              And watching you walk away
       Never knowing what could have been
                 So I said all I had to say
   In letters that I threw away
        I guess it's gonna have to hurt
           I guess I'm gonna have to cry
              I guess it's gonna break me down
                To let go of some things I've loved
                     To get to the other side,
                          Somewhere up ahead
                                   Getting there means leaving things behind
                                                 Sometimes moving on with the rest of your life
                                                                              Starts with goodbye


  1. love! this is so poetic! i love the lines
    So I said all I had to say
    In letters that I threw away

    ah so true! i love how real this is!

  2. So cute! "starts with goodbye" looove that.

  3. I liked the format. Nice job. These are all songs, right?

  4. I liked it! all the songs (especially taylor swift) thanks!

  5. I like how some of it rhymes, and each line is simple and blunt but together they create a really complex picture :D

  6. yeah...I was trying something different, going off of what we did in class.