Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ordinary World

I am almost 18. I have been in love and might still love him. I have an amazing best friend who on occasion drives me crazy. I go to school, clean the kitchen and go to work. Emily and I are practically glued together at the hip.
I eat,
and  breathe softball.
I crave the feeling of adrenaline and exhilaration every time I walk out on the field. 
It's my release, 
my escape,
my freedom.
It is something to focus on without having to remember I just got yelled at, or that I bombed my last history test. Both my parents work a lot, so my life seems to revolve around my little brother. Making sure he gets from here to there. Are his chores done? Did he do his homework? 

Pretty ordinary wouldn't you say? 

But if Emily died, I would die
If one of my parents died, I wouldn't know how to survive
If I became crippled....I can't even imagine...
I would have no purpose. How could I live? 

On the other hand......I graduate this year! 
What if Em and I move in with her sister? 
I am going off to college, how will I handle myself? 
I am growing I ready?


  1. This was different from the rest I've read. I loved how personal this is and how you have your questions within the whole thing. This was really good. probably my favorite. I can relate to this a lot. Very good stuff.

  2. I really liked the questions you raised and the way that you worked them into the prompt.

  3. This has a really personal touch, and its so relate-able. It makes you wonder what the future has in store and how your past will affect you later.